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Atlantic City Looking To Regain Casino Gambling Empire By 2012

Play Marvel Slots at Playboy Casino! Back in the day people used to flock to Atlantic City to vacation, it was a place that was an alternative to people flying cross country to gamble in Las Vegas. With the boom of casinos that have been built around the country over the past ten years, the town once known for its glitz, has taken a back seat for the first time in its existence. Now the […]

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Atlantic City Casinos Losing Players to Pennsylvania Casinos

Play at Golden Casino On a visit to Atlantic City on Tuesday, there were signs of a mass exodus by gamblers that once frequented this resort city for fun and relaxation, as well as the hope of gaining riches. It is no wonder that Donald Trump is trying to sell off his casino interests on the boardwalk. Since Pennsylvania has allowed slot machine gambling this year, those living in and around the Philadelphia area have […]

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Atlantic City Building a Las Vegas Image

Voted Top Online Casino Several Years in a Row! Even as casino gambling floors closed because of a lack of government monitors, this long down-at-the-heels gambling mecca welcomed two more glitzy, Las Vegas-style developments, the latest in a 3-year effort to lure a more upscale crowd. The unprecedented shutdown, fallout from a statewide budget battle that also closed New Jersey state parks and beaches, didn’t stop the opening of a $200 million expansion at Borgata, […]

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Apathy for Ron Paul in MSM Fuels Even Stronger Fervor Amongst Supporters

Ron Paul Support Grows as MSM Disregards Him Although the attention Ron Paul is getting in Main Stream Media (MSM) is changing the more money he raises, something Ron Paul believes himself to be a ‘sad’ situation, many analysts still believe he has no shot at winning a nomination from the Republican party.   But those ‘political experts’ interviewed on the MSM news programs who say that Ron Paul has no shot at gaining 270 […]

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Anti-Gambling Groups’ Strongest Argument Officially Defeated

Play Now at All Jackpots Casino! Lobbying powerhouse and leader of the religious right movement in the United States, James Dobson, and his religious conservative groups who follow everything he says without question, have been citing an out of control increase in problem gambling as their reasoning for opposing all expansion of gambling in the United States for the past two decades. That argument, based on opinion and zero facts, has been officially defeated this […]

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Ameristar Set To Enter Their Seventh Casino Market

Play Now at Caribbean Gold! Five months ago a deal was in place for Ameristar to purchase the Resorts East Chicago Riverboat casino. On late Tuesday, the deal was finalized, meaning Ameristar will now enter its seventh casino market. Mississippi, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, and Nevada all have casinos operated by Ameristar running already, the Indiana casino they just bought just adds to the list. The company has been talking about expansion, but not by building, […]

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