Apathy for Ron Paul in MSM Fuels Even Stronger Fervor Amongst Supporters

Ron Paul Support Grows as MSM Disregards Him Although the attention Ron Paul is getting in Main Stream Media (MSM) is changing the more money he raises, something Ron Paul believes himself to be a ‘sad’ situation, many analysts still believe he has no shot at winning a nomination from the Republican party.


But those ‘political experts’ interviewed on the MSM news programs who say that Ron Paul has no shot at gaining 270 delegates come primary time only appear to fuel the passion of Ron Paul supporters.

The rolling of the eyes, the sighs, and the general apathy towards covering any news issues having to do with Ron Paul is recognized by Paul supporters who watch those shows, and each one of them apparently takes every expression of media apathy as a personal insult. This appears to cause them to believe even stronger in the Ron Paul/Freedom Revolution.

At a local town meeting this week the issue of media and Ron Paul was discussed.


“We do not want to be told who can win and who can’t by people in Washington who we can’t relate to,” said John S. from Florida.

Melissa Jones, a young professional from Alabama said, “we want major changes in America, we don’t want just what the main stream reporters tell us we want.”

Debate over the quality of media in the country, and the influence MSM has over the direction of the US government has been stirred this week because all the MSM news stations shut down their ‘news reporting’ one day in order to show every detail and action of the first day of the OJ Simpson trial.


“The amazing part was that it wasn’t even the real trial, it was a just a hearing to see if they should even go to trial,” said John S.

This led others at the local get-together to ask the question… “what else was going on in the world while we had no other choice but to watch OJ’s meaningless trial?”

“According to Fox, MSNBC, and CNN, nothing else was happening anywhere in the world,” one attendee responded.


Others mentioned how the same thing happened with Anna Nicole Smith’s death, or whenever Britney Spears does something stupid, or even when Ellen cried on her show over a lost dog.

“MSM becomes blinded to the rest of the world and this is who influences the majority of America,” one person said.


“They (MSM) keep thinking they know what we want to see, but with Ron Paul we are trying to tell them that we want to see him, but they don’t seem to be listening,” another person said.

Another enthusiastic lady summed it up when she said, “Sooner or later, probably later, main stream media will realize the country really wants change and they will recognize that Ron Paul is leading that Revolution for change, and eventually they will start to report the ideas of Ron Paul without simultaneously disregarding him.”

Whether these supporters are right or not, the reality is that the passion for Ron Paul is strong in this country, and Ron Paul supporters seem to be growing exponentially the more analysts say he can never win.

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