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Month: May 2017

Apathy for Ron Paul in MSM Fuels Even Stronger Fervor Amongst Supporters

Ron Paul Support Grows as MSM Disregards Him Although the attention Ron Paul is getting in Main Stream Media (MSM) is changing the more money he raises, something Ron Paul believes himself to be a ‘sad’ situation, many analysts still believe he has no shot at winning a nomination from the Republican party.   But those ‘political experts’ interviewed on the MSM news programs who say that Ron Paul has no shot at gaining 270 […]

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Anti-Gambling Groups’ Strongest Argument Officially Defeated

Play Now at All Jackpots Casino! Lobbying powerhouse and leader of the religious right movement in the United States, James Dobson, and his religious conservative groups who follow everything he says without question, have been citing an out of control increase in problem gambling as their reasoning for opposing all expansion of gambling in the United States for the past two decades. That argument, based on opinion and zero facts, has been officially defeated this […]

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